My way to RPG Maker

13 Okt

I’ve always loved to play games on my computer. One day I found the game „Cult“ of Lee Blum. I loved that game. So I looked for another game in this style – and found the game „Vampires Dawn“ of Alexander Marlex Koch made with the RPG Maker 2000. On YouTube I found a Let’s Play of TrueMG to that game as well as tutorials to the maker and learned to love the RPG Maker of Enterbrain.

So what does the RPG Maker mean to me? It’s a wonderful way to make games without programming knowledge. During my studies at the university I made games to learn for the exams.In some way the use of the maker was useful for the english lessons – because I knew much more vocabulary than my classmates.

Here’s a map out of one of my current games:

Tileset of Celianna and Enterbrain

Making games with the RPG-Maker isn’t just a hobby for me but a passion.
Make your own games:

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