Tutorial Hunger, Thirst, Sleepsystem Part 1 (Making the HUD) – Advanced Learners

02 Dez
Tutorial Hunger, Thirst, Sleepsystem Part 1 (Making the HUD) – Advanced Learners

ACHTUNG: Für alle die des Englischen nicht so mächtig sind habe ich es hier noch einmal auf Deutsch hochgeladen:


Difficulty: Schwierigkeitsgrad3


In this Tutorial I’ll show you how to make the HUD for my Hunger, Thirst, Sleepsystem:

For beginners this tutorial could be a bit difficult to understand, because of that you should have used the maker for a while and be familiar with variables, switches and pictures.

You can use this tutorial for each maker from Enterbrain. The event commands are the same or similar.

The first thing you’ll do is open your grafic program (in my case Photoshop) and open a new document with the measurements of one screen of your RPG maker in my case 544 x 418 pixel:


Then you’ll make a rectangle in the upper left corner and fill it with any colour:


After that you’ll fill the rectangle with a pattern that you like (right click on the square and choose fill space):

Ashampoo_Snap_2012.12.02_22h08m45s_006_Fläche füllenAshampoo_Snap_2012.12.02_22h10m53s_009_

If you like you can make a relief (right click on the layer and choose Filloptions):


Then you’ll take your rubber tool and erase the place for the bars. You can hold Shift for straight lines:


They should beginn and end at the beginning and ending of the 32 pixel squares of the maker.

Then make a new layer and draw the bars. They should be as long as the places you made before. In my case 5 fields = 160 pixel. That’s important for later.


Make each bar on a new layer. You can give them beautifull colors with the the gradient in the filloptions (rightclick on the layer):



Make sure that each bar is on a separate layer.

Now you should place some Icons on the HUD. I took them from the custom VX Ace icon set.

Load it in your graphic program and copy and past it on your HUDAshampoo_Snap_2012.12.02_22h13m53s_013_

Now save the HUD, and the three single bars separately as a PNG. You can save it directly in your game’s picture folder.

And that’s it for now, folks! The eventing follows in Part 2


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2 Antworten zu “Tutorial Hunger, Thirst, Sleepsystem Part 1 (Making the HUD) – Advanced Learners

  1. Crow

    27. April 2013 at 22:08

    Yeah, uhhh how did you make the rectangle look 3d??? And where’s this „Rubber Tool“? And where is „Fill options???“

    • cleo683

      27. April 2013 at 22:32

      Its all written in the tutorial (you get the fill options with an rightclick on the layer you’re working with) Relief makes the „3d effect“ Give it a try


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