Tutorial Hunger Thirst Sleep System Part 3 (Creating the Items) – Advanced Learners

08 Dez
Tutorial Hunger Thirst Sleep System Part 3 (Creating the Items) – Advanced Learners

ACHTUNG: Für alle die des Englischen nicht so mächtig sind habe ich es hier noch einmal auf Deutsch hochgeladen:



First you need to create a new item. Go in your database on the tab Items. In this example I’ll make a small water bottle which decreases thirst about 50%. It’s nearly exact the same for hunger, thirst and sleep. Let’s start:Ashampoo_Snap_2012.12.08_18h51m46s_012_DatabaseWe’ll create the common event later.

Name the item as you wish (in my case „little water bottle“) and select an icon (doubleclick on the field the window with the icons will open. Select the one you wish and click OK.). Then give it a description like: „decreases thirst about 50%“. Item type is normal, give it a price as you like. It should be consumable – so set the consume to yes. Scope must be none and Occasion should be on always – except you wish it different. In the part of Invocation you need to do nothing as well as in Damage.

But we need to insert a common event in Effects: Now we’ll create this common event:

Switch to the tab Common Event in your Database and do the following: Name the common event as you wish and let the Trigger on „None“. Set the variable Steps thirst to the amount of steps.

Ashampoo_Snap_2012.12.08_18h40m11s_005_Control Variables

Then increase the variable Thirst about the half (in this case 80 (160 / 2 = 80)) Please remember that our bars are 160 pixel long.

Ashampoo_Snap_2012.12.08_18h40m24s_006_Control Variables

Now we need a conditional branch to check if the variable thirst is greater than 0 to ensure that the number never exceeds the 0. Otherwise our system woudn’t work anymore.

Ashampoo_Snap_2012.12.08_18h40m57s_008_Conditional BranchUncheck „Set handling when conditions do not apply“ (the else case).

In that conditional branch you have to insert that the variable Thirst is set to 0, if the condition is true:

Ashampoo_Snap_2012.12.08_18h41m11s_009_Control Variables

Under the conditional branch you have to set the variable Thirst2 to the value of variable thirst,to ensure that the bar won’t go every time full again.

Ashampoo_Snap_2012.12.08_18h43m45s_010_Control Variables

And that’s it for this common event:


Now we can call this common event in the items. Go back to the tab Items and doubleclick in the effects part  under „Kind“ to open the following window:


Switch to the last tab „Others“ and put in the common event we’ve created before.

And that’s it folks.

Now you can build in the items in your game. You’ll need for each item an common event except 2 or more items do exactly the same. Here’s an example for bread.  Ashampoo_Snap_2012.12.08_19h13m59s_013_ It’s the same for sleep with the according variables and common events.


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